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I was very Impressed

My daughter and I suffer from eczema and we both react to most soaps or cleaning products. We trialled the LOA soap over a period of weeks. I had hoped that the soap would not cause an adverse reaction by flaring up my eczema like most products on the market do. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only did my skin not react, there was an improvement in my eczema over the period I was using it. I was very impressed by the fragrance and feel of the soap. When used in the shower it soaped and frothed up beautifully and felt very soft and luscious on the skin. In fact, we both liked the soap so much that my daughter and I were vying for first use in the morning! When I went back to using a different brand of soap again. I have noticed that this soap does not have the same quality of fragrance, feel on the skin, or improvement in my skin. I would highly recommend the LOA soap for people suffering from skin conditions such as eczema.



Everything is Natural

I am someone who is unable to use many cleansing products. They have either been ineffective or my skin has reacted to an ingredient in the product and has caused my skin to either break out or has given me a rash. Working in hospitality, my skin always feels oily and all I want to do at the end of the day is make sure my skin is cleansed thoroughly without worrying about the outcome. Thankfully I have come to find Live Organic Australia! I have been really happy with the outcome and wont look back. It cleanses my skin without worrying about further breakouts or allergic reactions, and the best part is, everything is natural, no chemicals I need to learn how to pronounce. Thank you for making my life a little easier.



Finally a pure, natural product that works

My daughter has suffered from eczema since she was a baby and I have tried everything from prescription creams to natural remedies with very little results. I was recommended the Live Organic Lavender & Oatmeal soap to try and was amazed with the results after only 2 weeks! Finally a pure, natural product that works. Can't recommend this product enough! Love, love, love!!!



Thank you LOA

Over the last ten years I have purchased an endless number of body and facial products. Trying to cater to my sometimes oily, sometimes dry, and always sensitive skin hasn’t been easy. I have had to rotate my products weekly, with an overuse of many products drying out or irritating my skin. Thankfully I was introduced to LOA’s amazing soap range, freeing myself from any need to rotate another product again. The natural products not only smell divine, but feel unbelievably silky smooth. Being able to cut back to just one bar of soap that I can use on my face, body, and to shave with; has not only saved money, but simplified my daily routine. With my combination skin balanced and no irritations, I can finally just relax and enjoy my time soaking and taking in the beautiful aromas. So for that reason I would like to say, thank you LOA.



Natural ingredients that we can trust

As a sufferer of eczema I was anxious to see if your soap would help with easing some of that nasty itching and scratching. The first time I used the soap I immediately noticed how refreshing it felt on my skin, I will go as far as saying it felt like my body actually woke up before my brain did due to the tiny tingles I got from the peppermint within the soap. Great smell too. I can only say that not only has there been no itching since using your product but my skin feels absolutely fantastic. Thanks for offering such a great product with natural ingredients that we can trust on our skin.



Nothing but positive comments! 

G'day guys, I would like to say that after a consistent fortnight of use of the Arctic Bliss and Desert Spice soapsI have nothing but positive comments!  My skin is so much more smooth and hydrated, I have far less breakouts on my face and they make for a great natural smell once out of the showerContinue the great work, you've got a lifetime customer in me and I'll be sure to purchase more of the products available when necessaryYours kindly,