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Soap Making Processes

So why cold pressed soap you may be asking? There are typically 3 main methods of making soap.

Cold Pressed

What is 'Cold Pressed' natural soap?

Our Cold Pressed method of creating luxury soap products is a time honoured traditional practice of soap crafting that takes fresh, specially chosen flower and plant oils gently warmed to their natural melting points and then slowly mixes them with an alkaline solution. As the mixture thickens and cools pure essential oils, flower extracts and other beneficial ingredients are added to produce a final product that is as magical in appearance and scent as it is gentle to the skin. Because no additional heat is applied once the oils have been melted this unique method of soap crafting is often called the ‘Cold Crafted’ or ‘Cold Pressed’ method. We then need to wait 4-6 weeks before the soap is cured and ready to be cut to size which is then individually stamped by hand to produce a magical bar of natural soap from us to you.

Why is "Cold Pressed" soap superior to commercial soap?

Commercial type soaps and even the most expensive ‘French Triple Milled’ soaps are all created by employing a production method that applies high temperatures, pressure and excessive amounts of alkaline solution. This is called the hot or boiled process. Unfortunately the nature of this process tends to damage the efficacy of any natural flower and plant essences. These essences are typically sensitive to heat, light and other factors. The result is that the active beneficial components within each natural ingredient are destroyed, thereby losing the very properties and reason for choosing them in the first place.

It is also important to note that commercial soaps are usually made with ingredients that have been decolourised and deodorised to make them cosmetically neutral and more appealing. This very "refinement" neutralises their beneficial properties as well.

The ‘Cold Pressed’ method of making soap uses low temperatures for only a short period of time during the process in order to bring various oils to their natural melting points. Once this is achieved no further external heat is applied thereby allowing these natural essences to retain their skin nourishing and health related benefits. In addition, the ‘Cold Pressed’ process itself naturally creates within the soap a byproduct called glycerin - a humectant - which helps draw moisture to the skin and contributes to the silky smooth feel of all our soaps. Commercial soap contains very little if any glycerin as it is often extracted and sold as a food / cosmetic additive because of its higher resale value.

What ingredients are in your natural Cold Pressed soap?

We use only edible food and or cosmetic grade natural ingredients, most of which are organic or wild crafted and minimally processed. Over 98% of our ingredients are actually imported from renowned producers in countries such as France, Egypt, USA, Brazil, India, Turkey, Malaysia, Italy, Canada, Russia, Ghana and many more. Rest assured, no synthetic fragrance, colorants, preservatives or animal products will ever make their way into our products. When we say 100% natural, we actually mean 100% natural! Each Cold Pressed soap is glycerin rich and earth friendly, "This includes our palm which is sustainably farmed and Orangutan friendly! We source our palm from a plantation which is over 50 years old." Vegan, completely biodegradable and never tested on animals. 

Why are your Cold Pressed soap formulations so gentle and non-drying?

Each of our decadently rich soaps is created using a proprietary ‘superfat’ formulation to produce a creamy, sensual lather that caresses your skin like a fine silk glove. This means that each soap actually contains extra skin softening oils that remain emulsified within the soap so that it moisturises your skin even as it cleans.

Our Cold Pressed soaps are also unique in that they contain ZERO alkali, unlike commercial soaps which usually contain 0.1% to 1% - another reason why even the most expensive "French Milled" soaps are still drying to the skin. As a result our soaps have a PH range of 8.9 to 9.5 while most commercial soap range from 10.5 to 11.5!

Aren’t synthetic fragrance, preservatives and colourants generally regarded as safe by most government departments?

While this is true, consider the following scenario. You wake up in the morning and grab your favourite shampoo (full of synthetic fragrance, colorants, preservatives and foaming agents). Perhaps you also use a hair conditioner (again full of synthetic fragrance, preservatives, slip agents, colourants and foaming boosters). Do you use a shower gel to wash? More synthetics. Even your current well-known brand of soap is likely to have at the very least synthetic fragrance and colourants. After showering your skin may feel a little dry so you open that jar of body and hand moisturiser - more synthetic fragrance and preservatives that stay on your skin! Face moisturiser, more synthetics. Toothpaste, hair spray, more synthetics. Perfume, yes even these are mostly a blend of synthetic fragrances. After subjecting your body to so many synthetic skin irritants on a daily basis it's perhaps not so surprising why most of the world's population suffers from some degree of skin allergy. That’s not all! We haven't even mentioned what remains on your clothes after they've been washed with ‘lemony fresh’ synthetic detergents.

Why do your Cold Pressed soaps last longer than a same sized commercial soap?

Cold Pressed soap is much denser as compared to commercial soap which generally contains a much higher volume of air. As such a Cold Pressed soap will usually last twice as long as a same sized commercial soap.

Can your soaps be used on the hair, face and body?

Absolutely! All of our soap products are formulated to be extra gentle and can be used on any body part.

If you have never indulged in the soft creamy lather of our natural "Cold Pressed" soap, then we invite you to experience the natural advantage for yourself. We're confident you'll agree there really is a world of difference.


Milled, French Milled or Hand-Milled soap is something different. We have all most likely seen Milled soap before; it is generally a very shiny hard bar. Milled soaps are not the same as basic Cold Pressed soap. The maker takes fresh Cold Pressed soap and the natural glycerine is removed from it and it is processed through a large machine in which rollers flatten the soap into paper-thin pieces.

Next it is shredded and put through the rollers multiple times so that all the shredded pieces are ground back together. This mixture finally goes through an extruding machine, which finally spits out a bar of compacted soap flakes. If you are looking for a natural product, this is not for you.

Milled soaps are made primarily with beef tallow, as are many commercial soaps with added synthetic ingredients, which helps to give it the pretty shiny appearance. The synthetics also give it flexibility so that it can survive the rolling machines. The glycerine, which is a natural by-product of the soap making process is removed because it would clog up the equipment. On its best day hand milled "soap" is nothing more than a laboratory imitation of the real thing.


Re-Batched soap is a combination between Cold Pressed soap and Milled soap. Re-Batched soap is made when a soap maker takes a Cold Pressed soap and shreds it up. There are no rollers or glycerine removal involved in this process. The soap is simply shredded, re-melted and remoulded.