Live Organic Australia

Live organically, love unconditionally and respect nature

Our philosophy at Live Organic Australia is actually very simple. It’s really all about the choices we make each and every day. As a company and as individuals we are passionate and maintain this way of life.

Our Story

Carmel Iacono

I am a practicing Reiki master who aims to live a balanced and grounded life. My connection and deep appreciation for Mother Earth and spiritual guidance brought about the idea to be able to share with others the holistic benefits from chemical free organic body products. Other products on the market just didn't meet my expectation on what I believed a natural soap was to be. So the decision was made to source our own product made to our standards. So I am extremely proud to be able to call our products chemical free, environmentally friendly, vegan and of course not tested on animals. After using our soaps I was amazed at how I could really feel the difference both physically and emotionally. So with pride I am happy to be able to share these beautiful handmade products with you all.

Pietro Iacono

As a Personal trainer I'm very passionate about health and fitness. I have always strived to better my understanding on living a healthy life. I have been constantly learning about nutrition and the importance in what we put into our body. This also led me to investigate the products we use on our body and the chemicals that are in them. So began my quest to try and live life in a way that was free from all chemicals, preservatives and whenever possible, organic.

Jim Dagiandis

I have completed a degree in business and post graduate studies in marketing working across a number of business’s spanning almost 20 years. Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis has provided me with a new insight on the importance on living a life that not only protects but nurtures both the mind and body. I am passionate and enthusiastic about being involved in this company, especially one that corresponds to my strong feelings about the environment and personal wellness. A respect for nature and all things natural I enjoy being a part of a company that shares the same values.

Prue Mercieca

I'm a mother of two who is passionate about skincare, health and well being. I'm all about living an organic and healthy lifestyle! I suffered with terrible eczema after my second child was born so I take extra care to make my skin, health and personal wellness a priority, and I especially want the same for my children. I'm always striving to consume and use organic and all natural products as much as possible, for me and my family. I believe this brand takes us yet another step closer to a chemical free, environmentally friendly lifestyle, which I couldn't be more excited about. I truly believe this is a beautiful, unpolluted and nurturing product and I'm ecstatic to be able to share it, and be a part of this special journey!

Although we are from very different backgrounds professionally we all set out with one goal in mind. To provide the purest 100% natural and organic soap free from all chemicals. You see like most of you we were not educated in the soap making process and what manufactures actually put in their soap before we started this company. Like most consumers we took at face value if we saw a product that stated on the label that it was natural or organic then we assumed it was free from all the nasty chemicals that we didn't want touching our skin. The deeper we dug into finding this total natural chemical free soap, the more we realised that it was not readily available and that's when live organic australia was born!

Our Mission

To provide the purist 100% natural, organic products free from all chemicals and fragrances, never tested on animals, vegan and supporting earth friendly sustainable harvesting methods providing our consumers with emotional and functional benefits.

"Live organically, love unconditionally and respect nature"